Fostering a cooperative approach to negotiations

At Seattle Law and Mediation. PS. we endeavor to always provide seasoned judgment and professional competency to the service of our clients.

We have represented hundreds of clients in family law, equitable and other actions, and have handled many complex and multifaceted cases.

With this expertise, we can help you in the settlement of your family law dispute through Collaborative Law in the Seattle and Western Washington areas. This process involves the clients and their attorneys agreeing to a set of protocols and a commitment to a resolution of the conflict outside of the litigation process.

Attorneys who represent parties in the Collaborative Law process, do not represent the parties in litigation. The attorneys use mediation and collaborative skills as a team, which may include financial, child-development, parenting or other specialists who are also trained in the Collaborative process.  The process works to achieve a lasting settlement determined by the parties without acrimony and with reduced tensions and stress.

The benefit to this approach is client-focused and centered on communication. The parties, with the assistance of their attorneys and other professionals that may be a part of the process, collaborate to resolve the issues. It fosters a cooperative approach to negotiations, and avoids court litigation. The process can also provide a focus on the children in a determination of parenting issues.

We are happy to speak with you to see if a collaborative approach is right for you and your particular dispute.

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